A Third Project Announcement? You’re Damn Right

So I know what some of you may be thinking. Why announce three projects when you’ve barely finished with your first one? Well, we’ve taken a sort of do what you’re interested in approach to working on projects. hollowaytape tinkers with the romhacking and programming aspects he is having more fun with at the time, while kuoushi works on translating other projects that are simpler in terms of text dumping. That way we both have things to keep busy with and spend less time sitting on our thumbs. We’ll see how it works as far as finishing things, but it’s at least more fun that way.

Now to the meat of today’s announcement.

CRW Metal Jacket

This game wasn’t on our radar until a couple of weeks ago, but playing through a bit of it convinced us that it’s certainly something that other people might enjoy. Also, there’s not a mountain of text like Appareden or E.V.O., so it’s a good little side project.

CRW Metal Jacket is a sort of RTS where you control teams of 4 or 8 mechs depending on the scenario. You get to customize them between missions with a variety of weapons and a few different models, and you can upgrade the pilots through different stats like an RPG. It’s kind of like an anime X-COM with mechs. The project page has some more information.

We’ve already managed to dump the mission objective files and the in-game dialog files, with some translation progress being made as well. There are a few problems with reinsertion that need figuring out, but they don’t seem like they’re too insurmountable.

There is a PSX version of this game that has some anime cutscenes and the like, but the core gameplay feels better with mouse and keyboard on the PC-98 version we’re working on. Also, there is a sequel, but we haven’t looked too much into it just yet.


That’s the last new project announcement from us. But that doesn’t mean we’re done with our holiday news. Tune in tomorrow for some more stuff that I’m sure you’ll like.


  1. It’s really exciting to see you guys attempting to translate so many games on the PC-98. There seems to be a lot of awesome stuff which I can’t play because of the language barrier. I’m looking forward to your work! Good luck! 🙂

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