Appareden -The Sacrosanct Dragon- (あっぱれ伝-伏龍の章-)

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Done: Mapping, Dumping, ASCII Text Display ASM, Shadoff Compression ASM

In Progress: Translation, Reinsertion, GEM Image Codec

About Game

Appareden -Fukuryuu no Shou- is an RPG from the late stages of the PC98’s life cycle released in 1995 by TGL, the same developers who released the Farland Story series of games that were among some of the first translated PC98 games. It features a nicely animated battle system, and a story rich with history and lore from Japan’s past.

The game takes place on the Japanese islands and stars Gento, a not too bright swordsman who will do anything so long as he gets paid, and his talking cat monster companion, Benimaru. They are given a scroll by a dying samurai and told to deliver it to Edo, but find themselves in the middle of plots to take over the world!

About Project

Nothing special to talk about here yet, but we have most of the dialog dumped with opcodes figured out and are currently translating it into English before moving on with the rest of the project. There are some odd image formats such as GEM that we still need to crack before this project can go any further, but that is not currently being worked on as there’s still too much text to be translated (over 100k characters in dialog alone).

There’s so much text to fit and very little space, so we’re reinserting compressed text and added a decompression routine to the game’s text display code.

One thing to mention that is pretty neat, we managed to track down the patch for Appareden that fixes a bunch of bugs in the game itself. This means that when we release our translation patch for the game, it will also include the patch to the latest version and fix a lot of bugs. Shout out to kobushi over at Tokugawa Corp for getting us the patch files!


Appareden Battle Screen
Appareden Dialogs


hollowaytape – Hacking
kuoushi – Translation, Editing
SkyeWelse – Graphics, Promo Art

tcaud – Special Thanks