Announcing The Several Days of Holiday Announcements!

Happy Holidays!

It seems like everyone likes to announce and release cool new things at the end of the year to celebrate the holidays. As we’re relatively new, we don’t exactly have a whole hell of a lot to announce or release, but I feel like we’ve got some things brewing that might be interesting or exciting to some of you!

With that being said, we’d like to start off a sort of 46 OkuMen advent calendar. For the next few days, we’ll be posting something new every day that we’ve been working on for you guys to look forward to starting in 2017! So anyway, here’s our announcement for day one…


That’s right, we’re officially announcing that we have started work translating Rusty, that totally-not-Castlevania game starring Rustia Sprinkle, the lady in leather.

There’s a bit more information about it on the new project page, but our progress is actually pretty decent so far. hollowaytape has managed to sufficiently crack the .MGX image format which contains the text in the opening of the game, and we’re going to have a proper dump of all the scenario and menu text with the necessary (also, numerous) control codes to fiddle with in the near future so that kuoushi can officially start translating the text. Reinsertion is pretty well in hand, though we might need to do some font hacking to get more space for non-Japanese characters. We’re making solid progress on all fronts.

Except on the skill front. We suck at the game and die a ton.

One thing that we’re still missing from Rusty is the manual. We translated E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution’s manual, and we damn well want to try to do something similar for every game we release. Unfortunately, Rusty is apparently pretty rare and tends to be expensive so it is a bit out of our reach as far as that goes. If you have the manual or know someone who does, and can get it scanned in a nice DPI please get in touch with us! We’d love to translate it and have it ready for everyone to enjoy when the patch gets released as well! You can contact us at hollowaytape AT retro-type dot com if you’ve got any information that can help us out.


That’s it for the first day of announcements though. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Update: We now have manual scans for Rusty! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction!

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