Time to visit Neo Japan and quell those insurrections. CRW’s English translation patch is now released!

Happy Canada 150 to all those Canadians out there. What better way to spend the 150th anniversary of a nice friendly mom and pop country than killing insurgents and terrorists in future Japan? Our translation patch for CRW Metal Jacket is now available!

CRW Metal Jacket Complete (incl. Translation Patch & Manual) v1.0.3 – zip – 21795 download(s) – 21 MB
CRW Metal Jacket Lite (Patcher Only) v1.0.3 – zip – 2349 download(s) – 5 MB
CRW Metal Jacket Mac/Linux Patches v1.0.2 – zip – 1940 download(s) – 626 KB
CRW Metal Jacket Manual v1.0.0 – zip – 2036 download(s) – 15 MB

Head on over to the Project page if you want to read more.

One thing to note about this release is that we are testing yet another patching method and we need your feedback. We’re calling it Pachy98, and we’ll explain more about it in future posts, but it is extremely similar to the patcher we tested with Rusty and E.V.O., except it has less libraries that could cause a point of failure which should make it even more compatible with all of the different Windows systems out there. That’s not a thing we can guarantee and we need you guys to help us with providing feedback. It can’t get better without that. Feedback and bugs can be submitted through our Report a Bug form!

That being said, if you do have issues with the patcher, or you don’t want to deal with possible issues at all, then we are still providing full disk image patches for Mac and Linux users, and you can always use these full disk image patches with your favorite xdelta patcher to patch and play the game with no extra fuss added.

All that out of the way, hope you guys have some fun and let us know how it goes!


  1. Link doesn’t work as of 02/07/17

    WordPress database error: [Got error 28 from storage engine]
    SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `om_wp_postmeta`

    WordPress database error: [Got error 28 from storage engine]
    SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `om_wp_postmeta`

    1. There was an issue with our caching engine that I didn’t foresee or realize would be an issue. I think I have fixed it now, but you will probably have to go to the same error page and force refresh it to get the file, assuming you still get the same error when you try to download.

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