Modifying text display ASM in Rusty (FolkuLore, part 4)

When a game’s developer writes code, they usually* do it in a reasonably high-level language like C++. They have access to all sorts of nice things like variable names, function labels, comments, and so forth. When it comes time to run the code, it is compiled through something like Borland Turbo C++, and it is translated into assembly language (ASM) for the target platform, in this case the PC-98’s x86 processor. The compilation process strips away all of the useful names of things, determines exactly how all of the data needs to move between registers and memory, and does what it can to optimize the program. This much more difficult-to-understand code is what remains in the final .EXE that ships on the game disk. Since we don’t have the source code, we need to look to the ASM in order to understand and modify the game.

I had a lot of unsuccessful interactions with assembly language, across several projects, before I was finally able to successfully modify it, which I needed to for Rusty.

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