Project Candidates Page

This page is a list of games that we are considering for projects. That doesn’t mean we have claimed these projects or even started working on them, or that we even will specifically work on them! We’re just considering them for future projects once we finish our current set.

If you’re another group and want to start working on translating one of these, then please feel free to do so! We encourage it, actually, as there’s no way we will be able to finish the games listed here in any realistic span of time.

Basically, once we finish our current projects, we’ll probably pick our new projects from this list. It will generally be updated whenever we find things that we’re interested in.

AIZA: New Generation
Action RPG
Ardor AeternusYouentai1996RPG
Armored Flagship AtragonMovic1995Battleship RPG
Bretonne LaisSystem Soft1989RPG
CRW 2Wiz1995Strategy
DAIVA Story 7T&E Soft1988Strategy
Dead ForceFuga System1995Strategy
ElmknightMicro Cabin1992Mecha ARPG
Farland Story 7TGL1995Strategy
Fifth ElementYouentai1992RPG
Free Will: Knight of ArgentKinpukurin1992RPG
Frontier UniverseBullet-proof Software1993Space 4x
La ValeurKougado1989RPG
Last GuardianAnjin1995Strategy
Libros de Chilam BalamRight Stuff1992RPG
Maha BarataAIL1993?RPG
Metajo 1Anjin1996Strategy
Paracelsus no MakenHumming Bird1994Horror RPG
Power SingerSystem Sacom1992RPG
Super Dog WorldKoei1994Simulation
Totsugeki! MixC-Lab1994Action
Void Vanity FleetK21993Battleship
Wind's SeedCompile1995RPG
XZR 1Telnet Japan1988Action RPG
Yougekitai Jashin KoumarokuTelnet Japan1993Dungeon Crawl RPG