Rusty (ラスティ)

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Done: Compressor/Decompressor, Better MGX Codec, Mapping, Dumping, Translation Draft, Basic MAG Reinsertion, Initial Script Revision, Text Reinsertion, Formatting, Font/Assembly Hacking, Finishing Touches

In Progress: Playtesting

About Game

 Rusty is a game with a simple premise. What if Castlevania starred a woman in a skintight leather outfit? The gameplay is similar, the visuals are similar, and even the story is similar. You are Rusty, a vampire hunter who must invade Transylvania, destroy evil monsters, and save the damsels in distress. The game itself is mostly an action-based game, so it has some name recognition in the West among PC98 enthusiasts as it doesn’t require much Japanese knowledge to play the game itself.

About Project

Rusty is a much smaller game than E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution, but required significantly more work on the hacking side. The majority of the files are compressed, there’s text in two image formats, and the game won’t display any halfwidth Latin characters out of the box.

So this game required a much closer look into its internals than E.V.O., and some significant assembly hacking. The game displays text 5 different ways (7, if you count the image formats), so it required as many hacks to get the right characters to display. It’s not the most text-heavy game, but it certainly required a lot of work to get any of it to show up!

The game’s manual actually contains more text than the game itself.

We’re also not that good at playing the game (it’s pretty hard!), so we need some practice to actually see most of the game’s text.


Level 1
Cut scene
Some skeletons


hollowaytape – Hacking
kuoushi – Translation, Editing, Trailer
SkyeWelse – Graphics, Promo Art

not_log – Manual Scanlation
yukinsaknos – Original Manual/Box Scans