Rusty (ラスティ)

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Done: Compressor/Decompressor, Basic MGX Codec, Mapping, Dumping, Translation Draft, Basic MAG Reinsertion

In Progress: Better MGX Codec, Text Reinsertion, Font/Assembly Hacking, Script Revision

About Game

 Rusty is a game with a simple premise. What if Castlevania starred a woman in a skintight leather outfit? The gameplay is similar, the visuals are similar, and even the story is similar. You are Rusty, a vampire hunter who must invade Transylvania, destory evil monsters, and save the damsels in distress. The game itself is mostly an action-based game, so it has some name recognition in the West among PC98 enthusiasts as it doesn’t require much Japanese knowledge to play the game itself.

About Project

Presently, we are working on decoding the MGX image format which contains a lot of text in the opening of the game. The scenario text in the game itself is LZSS compressed and has a lot of opcodes. The main focus now is breaking the MGX image format and huge amount of opcodes, then translation and reinsertion will follow soon after that as the game isn’t exactly text heavy.

The game will likely require some font hacking to fit more text on the screen, since it only displays fullwidth characters at the moment. This would also free up a lot of space in the files themselves since each character won’t end up taking up 2 bytes.

We’re also not that good at playing the game (it’s pretty hard!), so we need some practice to actually see most of the game’s text.


hollowaytape – Hacking
kuoushi – Translation, Editing
SkyeWelse – Graphics, Promo Art