CRW Metal Jacket (CRW メタルジャケット)


Done: Mapping, Dumping, Translation Draft, Opening Crawl Duration Fix, Scenario/Mission Text Reinsertion/Display Assembly Hack

In Progress: Revision, Reinsertion

About Game

CRW Metal Jacket is an isometric strategy game that plays somewhat like the battles in old Xcom games, except you control mech pilots in a real-time environment fighting insurgents in a futuristic Japan setting. There is no base-building like in Xcom, but you are able to customize you the mechs and upgrade your pilot’s stats however you want based on how many bonus points you get after battles.

About Project

Currently we are working on translating the already dumped files and figuring out some bugs with reinsertion. There’s not that much to report on here just yet, but work is underway.


hollowaytape – Hacking
kuoushi – Translation, Editing
SkyeWelse – Graphics, Promo Art